Making space more human



ODIS Design for Space connects designers interested in space and space professionals open to new ways of working through community building and events.


To advocate for strategic use of user-centred design in the space industry.

ODIS Design for Space is an initiator and a founding member of the new international community open to all creative profiles and space professionals who share an interest in space and believe in a strategic role of design. Our aim is to help transform the space sector by bringing more coherent, user-centred and sustainable design practices to create positively transformational services and products that bring real value to the users, are derisked and faster to market (which is critical for New Space).

DiSC activities focus on:

Bringing together designers and space professionals

Sharing knowledge, wins and mistakes (experience) within the community

Promoting and increasing visibility of the value of design

Creating opportunities for new projects and collaborations

Thought leadership both within space and design domains

Connect with the designers in space community

Case study

Design value spectrum

Discover the value design can bring across all parts of a space business.

As we enter to a new space era, companies in the space sector face new types of challenges that require new solving methodologies and new types of partnerships. At DiSC (Designers in Space Community) we see countless opportunities to create desirable, profitable, and sustainable services using the design approach.

As a Community, we believe designers have the ability to empower those innovating in space and on Earth to build ideas that will change the future. That is why we have created a framework for thinking about the Space sector, business innovation challenges, and relevant design approaches to identify where the most value could be added through a new era of design & space collaboration.